arcserve-KB : D2D Destination Access Error - The Operation Has Timed Out.

Last Update: 2015-12-15 22:43:27 UTC

Error Message:

The operation has timed out. Please check if the backup destination or copy recovery point destination is accessible and try again.


This issue happens when the destination device is not reachable.

Reason behind this can be related to connection issue to the destination or the destination device is busy with high disk I/O due to multiple operations.



Follow the below steps to resolve this issue:

1) Click on OK for the above error message and close D2D console.

2) Go to services.msc and stop CA D2D Web service.

3) Make sure the destination is accessible and the device doesn't have lots of operations happening in background.

     Some things to check:-

      a) Try to browse the destination from the D2D server by using the UNC path.
           (e.g.: Go to Windows Start - Run and type '\\remoteserver\backupfolder\')

       b) Check if you are able to create a folder and create a test file in that folder. Edit the file, save it and then delete it. This is to ensure that we 
            do not have problems with any read or write on that location.

        c) If the destination is on a windows machine, check if any Anti Virus Scan was running at the time of backup.

4) After fixing the connectivity or performance issues then Start the CA D2D Web service on D2D server.

5) Run the Backup job.

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