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arcserve-KB : Best Practices of BMR

Last Update: 2015-09-09 12:01:49 UTC


New generated machine is unable to boot after BMR from a merged session, new generated machine will boot into recovery mode or getting Blue Screen

Root Cause:

There are many corrupted system files, usually no error found if we run AFUtil tools for checking this session, because it only checks data in block level. Recommended to use  BMRUtil tools for checking it. There are a lot of different ways to resolve this issue, below are best practice suggestions


  1. Run a verify job or full backup, make the last session good for BMR.
  2. Schedule a verify job if incremental job is used. It will verify the data periodically, and make the data safe.
  3. If user is going to delete the source, user should run a verify job before that.

More Information:

  1. AFUtil tools located under  X:\Program Files\CA\ARC serve D2D\BIN
  2. About BMRUtil tools, User can ask for CA support
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