arcserve-KB : Logs required for troubleshooting arcserve D2D File Copy related issues

Last Update: 2016-11-23 15:53:18 UTC


This article provides information on the list of logs for troubleshooting ARCserve D2D Filecopy related issues. 


In this document replace X:\ with the drive letter in which ARCserve D2D is installed.

Filecopy Logs under X:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve D2D\Logs folder:-
(Entire Logs folder would help for detailed analysis)

  • Activity.log – Activity Log.
  • AFArchive.log  - Debug log for archive job creation and job monitor.
  • ArchivePolicy-XXXX.log - Debug log for filecopy common modules like policy parsing, catalog.
  • FileCopy-XXXX.log -  Debug log for file copy.
  • Image-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxx.log  - Debug log for underlying module which parse NTFS volume meta data and generate file catalog, and meta data used by file level recovery.
  • WebService.Log

CCI Logs - Collect the following logs folders

  • X:\Program Files\Ca\ARCserve D2D\BIN\CCI\Log folder
  • Amazon - X:\Program Files\Ca\ARCserve D2D\BIN\CCI\Plugin\Amazon\Log folder
  • Azure - X:\Program Files\Ca\ARCserve D2D\BIN\CCI\Plugin\Azure\Log folder

Which CCI Logs to refer?

  • X:\Program Files\Ca\ARCserve D2D\BIN\CCI\Log - Refer GLLog0.log
  • Amazon - X:\Program Files\Ca\ARCserve D2D\BIN\CCI\Plugin\Amazon\Log - Refer Amazon.Log
  • Azure - X:\Program Files\Ca\ARCserve D2D\BIN\CCI\Plugin\Azure\Log - Refer Azure.Log

Configuration Files

  • X:\Program Files\Ca\ARCserve D2D\Configuration - ArchiveConfiguration.Xml
  • ArchiveInfoDb.Xml from the Backup Destination folder for the ARCserve D2D Server.
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