arcserve-KB : arcserve D2D R16 Bare Metal Recovery of a UEFI system

Last Update: 2016-11-23 17:04:34 UTC


During a CA Arcserve D2D BMR of a physical windows 2008 R2 server (UEFI system) you might get the following error if you boot from CD with customized Windows PE image (D2DBMR.ISO) which is released with the CA ARCserve D2D product:

In DrMain.log  you might have following error:


[2012/12/20 13:34:30:050   00   1096   1100             ]              

CPageSelectMSD::OnProcessNext: Current machine boots from uefi[0] while recovery point boot from uefi[1]                                       



The following are the steps to run BMR in UEFI mode with cdrom in a physical Dell 990 environment:

  1. During machine startup, Press F12. Then goes to  “Other Options---BIOS Setup”

2. Select UEFI, the delete all items under UEFI Boot Sequence

3. Then add two items, one is cdrom, the other is BOOTX64.EFI, then save and reboot the machine.

Please see below screenshots for details:


4. .If you meet “No bootable device…”, just press F1, it will started in CDROM.

Alternatively, you might boot from a Win2008 R2 installation media (CD/DVD) and use a BMR USB stick created from the boot kit wizard.

You will now be able to proceed with recovery of the server.

More Information:

For next steps, you might have a look at the following video: 




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