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This document explains about the list of logs which would help support in troubleshooting CA ARCserve D2D related issues. This would help in troubleshooting backup, restore, merge, catalog, purge and copy recovery point related issues. At the end of this document, you can also find articles related to collecting logs for Installation and BMR related issues.

Logs required to troubleshoot CA ARCserve D2D Issues:-

1) Copy the X:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve D2D\Logs folder to another location and zip it. (Replace X:\ with the Drive Letter where CA ARCserve D2D is installed.)

2) Windows Application Event Log (Saved in Text format).

3) Windows System Event Log (Saved in Text format).

4) Windows System Information File (MSINFO32).

     Type 'msinfo32' under Start->Run. This would launch the 'System Information'. Click on File->Save, provide the name of the server as
     the 'File Name' and save it as an '.NFO' file.

5) Output of the following VSS Commands. Run the following commands from the command prompt.
     (Replace x:\ with the drive letter where you want to create the output files)
     vssadmin list writers > x:\temp\outputwriters.txt
     vssadmin list providers > x:\temp\outputproviders.txt
     vssadmin list shadows > x:\temp\outputshadows.txt
     vssadmin list shadowstorage > x:\temp\outputshadowstorage.txt
     Collect the output files, after executing the above mentioned commands.
6) If it is BSOD(Blue Screen) and a server crash, then collect Kernel or Complete Memory Dump. Default location for Kernel or Complete
     Memory Dump is '%SystemRoot%\MEMORY.DMP'.

     Please check the dump type as well,
      1.Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
      2.Click Performance and Maintenance, and then click System.
      3.On the Advanced tab, click Settings under Startup and Recovery.
      4. Please note down the values under 'Write debugging information' and 'Dump file:'. 


       5. Click 'Cancel' after checking the settings.

7) Directory Listing of the Backup destination folder.
     Refer the following knowledge document for more information on, 'How to collect the directory listing of the backup destination folder
     for a specific D2D machine?,

More Information:

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