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arcserve-KB : Exchange GRT Restore fails with message in exgrtadp.dll.log (Live DispatchRestore_Backend return code:80004001)

Last Update: 2016-11-23 17:04:24 UTC


Exchange GRT Restore fails with message in exgrtadp.dll.log (Live DispatchRestore_Backend return code:80004001)


=> exgrtadp.dll.log has entry about “Leave DispatchRestore_Backend, the return code:80004001”
=> error code 80004001 MAPI error code and it translates to MAPI_E_AMBIGUOUS_RECIP
=> Suggest to try a new user account which is unique and specify all the required permissions listed below

The account must be a domain account.
The account must be a member of the Administrator group.
The account must be a member of the Backup Operators group.
There must be a mailbox associated with the account and the mailbox must be initialized.
The name of the mailbox must be unique.
A unique name is a name that does not exist in the organization as a subset of characters in another mailbox name.
For example, if there is a mailbox named Administrator in your organization, you cannot use the name Admin.

For Exchange Server 2003, 2007, and Exchange 2010 this mailbox must be in same Organization (Exchange Organization) of the Exchange server to which you plan to restore to (restore destination).

The account user must have the proper role assignments:

For Exchange Server 2003 systems, the User Name must be a domain account with Exchange full administrator role.

For Exchange Server 2007 systems, the User Name must be a domain account with either the Exchange Organization administrator role or the Exchange server administrator role.

For Exchange Server 2010 systems, the User Name must be a domain account with Exchange Organization management role.

More Information:

Logs :

//// restore.log ////

 2012-11-09 13:34:07  IsWholeVolumeRestoreJob:: returns flase.

2012-11-09 13:34:07  Restore Exchange GRT session data from sub session 5.

2012-11-09 13:34:07  GenerateExchGRTXML:: Enter.

2012-11-09 13:34:07  GenerateExchGRTXML:: Returns [0].

2012-11-09 13:34:56  Restore Exchange GRT session:: Failed to restore Exchange GRT session. RC[0x00000003]

2012-11-09 13:34:56  Restore Exchange GRT session returns.

2012-11-09 13:34:56  Restore Job fails.

 /// GRTutility.exe ///

 [GU][>C][1392]11-09 13:34:35:715 : User Client Access Server, ServerName:CA-TEST2008

[GU][>C][1392]11-09 13:34:35:731 : Failed to pIServiceAdmin->ConfigureMsgService(80040700) ...

[GU][>C][1392]11-09 13:34:40:739 : CreateProfile() end:-2147219712...

[GU][>C][1392]11-09 13:34:45:739 : ConnectServer() end:0x80040700....

[GU][>C][1392]11-09 13:34:45:740 : BuildRestoreEnv() end(80040700)

[GU][>C][1392]11-09 13:34:46:034 : BuildRestoreEnv() start{Domain:catest UserName:administrator ExServer: ServerDN:}

[GU][>C][5216]11-09 13:34:46:035 : GetUserServerNameProc() start....

[GU][>C][5216]11-09 13:34:46:043 : Server Name is:CA-TEST2008(/o=First Organization/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=CA-TEST2008)

[GU][>C][5216]11-09 13:34:46:043 : GetUserServerNameProc() end:0....

[GU][>C][12200]11-09 13:34:46:044 : GetMailboxProc() start...

[GU][>C][12200]11-09 13:34:46:060 : Mailbox Name is:Administrator...

[GU][>C][12200]11-09 13:34:46:060 : GetMailboxProc() end:0...

[GU][>C][1392]11-09 13:34:46:061 : ConnectServer() start....

[GU][>C][1392]11-09 13:34:46:061 : MailboxName:Administrator ServerName:CA-TEST2008...

[GU][>C][1392]11-09 13:34:46:062 : CreateProfile() start...

[GU][>C][1392]11-09 13:34:46:068 : GetClientAccessServer() start MN:Administrator....

[GU][>C][12520]11-09 13:34:46:069 : GetCAS_serverProc() start....

[GU][>C][12520]11-09 13:34:46:076 : Administrator HomeMDB is CN=Mailbox Database 1388070209,CN=Databases,CN=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT),CN=Administrative Groups,CN=First Organization,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=CATEST,DC=LOCAL

[GU][>C][12520]11-09 13:34:46:076 : strDBName_CN:Mailbox Database 1388070209

[GU][>C][12520]11-09 13:34:46:078 : Success to get ClientAccessDN(/o=First Organization/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=CA-TEST2008/cn=Microsoft Private MDB)..

[GU][>C][12520]11-09 13:34:46:078 : strClientAccessName is (CA-TEST2008)..

[GU][>C][12520]11-09 13:34:46:079 : GetCAS_serverProc() end:0x00000000....

[GU][>C][1392]11-09 13:34:46:080 : GetClientAccessServer() end:0....

[GU][>C][1392]11-09 13:34:46:097 : User Client Access Server, ServerName:CA-TEST2008

[GU][>C][1392]11-09 13:34:46:112 : Failed to pIServiceAdmin->ConfigureMsgService(80040700) ...

[GU][>C][1392]11-09 13:34:51:120 : CreateProfile() end:-2147219712...

[GU][>C][1392]11-09 13:34:56:121 : ConnectServer() end:0x80040700....

[GU][>C][1392]11-09 13:34:56:121 : BuildRestoreEnv() end(80040700)

[GU][>C][1392]11-09 13:35:02:122 : GRT Utility end(0)....

 /// exgrtadp.dll.log

 [EG][>E][12376]11-09 13:34:56:124 : Call EDBRestoreInit failed

[EG][>I][12376]11-09 13:34:56:124 : Leave CGrtAdp::InitRestor: handle0

[EG][>E][12376]11-09 13:34:56:125 : SaveMsg2Server: InitRestore failed 0x80040700

[EG][>W][12376]11-09 13:34:56:125 :  Call InitRestore fail, the item is not restored, so return

[EG][>I][12376]11-09 13:34:56:125 : Leave SaveMsg2Server

[EG][>I][12376]11-09 13:34:56:126 :  Restore Message to live server result:80004001

[EG][>I][12376]11-09 13:34:56:126 :  Leave RestoreMessage_Backend

[EG][>I][12376]11-09 13:34:56:126 :  Live DispatchRestore_Backend return code:80004001

[EG][>W][12376]11-09 13:34:56:127 :  Restore Item:This Week at the Great Park, type3 to  failed

[EG][>I][12376]11-09 13:34:56:167 :  Leave DispatchRestore_Backend, the return code:80004001

[EG][>I][12376]11-09 13:34:56:167 : Leave  CGrtAdp::RestoreItem

[EG][>I][12376]11-09 13:34:56:168 : Leave  RestoreItems_Backend return code:3

 /// exchangereader.dll.log

 [EG][>I][12376]11-09 13:34:56:123 : EDBRestoreInit() end(0x00000000): return val:0x80040700...

[EG][>I][12376]11-09 13:34:56:129 : EDBUninitialize() HANDLE:0x04fe19b0 start...

[EG][>W][12376]11-09 13:34:56:160 : DelTempFolder: start(C:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve D2D\BIN\D2DTemp\{96D7797F-CA7D-4FFE-8168-E072ACF2B573})

[EG][>W][12376]11-09 13:34:56:162 : DelD2DTempFolders: 2

[EG][>W][12376]11-09 13:34:56:165 : DelTempFolder: end(0x00000000)

[EG][>I][12376]11-09 13:34:56:166 : EDBUninitialize() end... 


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