arcserve-KB : Remote deployment of arcserve D2D r16 to a Windows XP system can fail with error: Failed to get installation status feedback from the remote target host

Last Update: 2014-10-15 05:15:45 UTC

Description:A timeout error or a bad network connection can cause this failure. The XP system shows the CA ARCserve D2D installation is complete but the reboot fails. You cannot reboot the system manually. Therefore, a hard reboot is required. This problem is a known issue with Windows XP.


Apply the following Microsoft patches before deploying CA ARCserve D2D or install CA ARCserve D2D locally on a Windows XP system:

-      Windows stops responding during Windows XP shut down

-      A Windows XP-based computer stops responding during standby or hibernation operations or when you try to use the Shut Down command

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