arcserve-KB : What is the use of arcserve D2D monitor icon on the taskbar

Last Update: 2016-04-25 14:20:05 UTC

Description: From the CA ARCserve D2D Monitor, one can access many of the same task functions that can be accessed from the CA ARCserve D2D home page. Also one can view the D2D job progress without logging into D2D by just hovering the cursor over the CA ARCserve D2D Monitor icon.

The following tasks can be launched from the tray monitor:

Open the CA ARCserve D2D home page, Backup Now, Settings, Restore, Copy Recovery Point, Mount Recovery Point, Check for Updates, and Advanced. From the Advanced option, the additional subordinate options can be accede such as Create Boot Kit, Licensing, Start/Stop Service, configure alert Notifications, turn on/off the News Feed, and turn on/off Social Networking.

In addition, upon hovering the cursor over the CA ARCserve D2D Monitor icon, a backup status overview message is displayed. An animated icon indicates when any job is running and includes the progress completed. One can easily determine if a job (backup, restore, file copy, copy recovery point, catalog, or granular restore catalog) is running without logging in to CA ARCserve D2D


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