arcserve-KB : Unable to truncate the Exchange 2010 Transaction logs on the passive node in a DAG

Last Update: 2016-12-22 14:35:03 UTC

Description: By Default D2D always do a VSS copy snapshot backup rather than doing a VSS full snapshot backup. VSS Copy snapshot type of backup doesn't delete the transaction logs. Inorder to force the Exchange writers to delete the transaction logs we need to change the VSS copy snapshot backup to a VSS full snapshot backup.

 Solution: To Enable VSS Full snapshot backup we need to create the key VSSWRAP on the active node, so that the Exchange writers truncate the logs and Exchange application is aware of the logs being truncated. During the replication to passive node of the DAG Exchange would also truncate the logs on the passive node.

Steps to create the key VSSWRAP and the DWORD FullSnapshot

 1. Launch the Registry Editor
 2. Go to the location
 3. Create a key called 'VSSWrap'
 4. Hightligh 'VSSWrap' and on the right hand side pane, right click and select the option to create a DWORD
 DWORD Name: FullSnapshot
 DWORD Data: 1
 5. Restart the CA D2D Webservice

 6 .Try to reproduce the problem

After making the above changes the exchange should truncate the transaction logs on the passive node as well

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