arcserve-KB : Unable to change arcserve D2D View

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:59:12 UTC


Unable to change the View of the Destination folder to ARCserve D2D View or to the Windows Explorer View.

When right click on the Destination folder we dont see the option to change the view from ARCserve D2D View and Windows Explorer View. The icon of the Destination folder will be seen as Normal folders and not as ARCserve D2D / Central Application Destination.


1. Check if the CA ARCserve D2D Explorer Extension Service is running on the D2D / D2D Proxy server.

2. Browse the D2D Destination folder from the Server running ARCserve D2D.

3. Open the Folder options - View Tab and make sure that the Show Hidden Folders, Files and drives is selected.

4. Uncheck Hide Protected Operating system files.

5. Click Apply and OK.

6. Open the Destination folder and check if you are able to see the Desktop.ini file

7. If the desktop.ini file is not present then copy the desktop.ini file from different destination folder and paste it.

8. Refresh the folder and then right click on the destination folder which should give an option to change the view  between ARCserve D2D / Windows Explorer view.

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