arcserve-KB : Unable to deploy arcserve D2D to remote machines across different platforms

Last Update: 2016-04-25 14:03:48 UTC

Title: Unable to deploy ARCserve D2D to remote machines.


  • When customers download the product today, they have the choice to be able to down load the full common package or the platform specific package for x86 and x64.
    • Packages:
      • Common Package       :  CA_ARCserveD2D.exe
      • x86 package               :  CA_ARCserveD2D_for_x86.exe 
      • x64 Package               :  CA_ARCserveD2D_for_x64.exe
  • When customers use the Full common install package to install the D2D server the customer will be able to deploy D2D to any platform machines.
  • If customers use the platform specific package to install D2D server, then further deployments will be possible ONLY for that specific platform.
    • ex:-  If CA_ARCserveD2D_for_x86.exe  is used  for D2D server installation you can deploy further only on x86 platforms.
  • The customers who have a mix of x64 and x86 systems and plan to deploy them, it is recommended that they install the server from the common package.
  • The below  screen shots show notification that when a deploy option is chosen from the server for a specific platform it provides a note at the bottom about the capability to deploy to what type of platforms.

A)This screen shot is from a D2D Deploy option from a D2D server installed from the x64 install package.

B)This screen shot is from a D2D Deploy option from a D2D server installed from the x86 install package.

So If you have a problem deploying D2D please  look at the notes at the bottom of the DEPLOY window to validate the package. If the server install was done from a Common package there will be no information in the bottom of the Deploy window as below.

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