arcserve-KB : Does arcserve D2D backup PageFile.Sys?

Last Update: 2016-11-23 17:17:47 UTC


CA ARCserve D2D actually skips the blocks belonging to PageFile.Sys during the backup. Only thing that it does not skip is the blocks in $MFT belonging to that file. As a result you may still see that file is in D2D backup but the blocks are skipped and do not take up any space in actual D2D backup.The $MFT is the Master File Table metafile for an NTFS file system. The MFT still has the record of page file being present on the disk and the mounted D2D session will still show that it has PageFile.sys in the recovery point. You should not try to restore the PageFile.sys since the actual blocks of the PageFile.sys are not in the backup.

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