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How CA ARCserve D2D Updates Works

A product update lets CA Technologies deliver product improvements to users. Updates are used to deliver bug fixes, new hardware support, and performance and security enhancements. Within CA ARCserve D2D, the Updates function simplifies this process and provides a fast, easy, and reliable solution to keep your CA ARCserve D2D installation up-to-date with the latest available updates. The Updates function is your link between CA Technologies and your CA ARCserve D2D installation.

CA ARCserve D2D Updates provide the following functions:

  • Check for available updates (manual or scheduled)
  • Download available updates from CA Technologies (either directly to a client machine or to a staging server first and then to a client machine)
  • Install successfully downloaded updates (to be initiated manually)
  • Send email notifications when a new update is available

    D2D APM Flow

Check for Updates

When CA Technologies Server is selected as download server, CA ARCserve D2D Updates provides the capability to connect to the CA Technologies server either directly or using a proxy server (as configured manually) to check for new and available CA ARCserve D2D updates. CA ARCserve D2D will directly connect to CA Technologies server using the proxy settings configured by browser (only applicable for IE and Chrome). This check for updates function can be triggered either manually from the user interface/tray monitor or automatically as specified by the Scheduler. (The internal Scheduler is responsible for starting at a scheduled day and time and triggering an automatic check and download of available updates).

When triggered, the update manager contacts the CA Technologies server to check the date /time stamp of a file that contains the available update information. If this available update information file has been modified since the last check, it will be downloaded from the server for comparison. The available update information is then compared to another file containing the already downloaded update information to determine if the available update is new and has not been previously downloaded. If the latest available update is not installed on your machine, CA ARCserve D2D displays an icon on the home page to inform you that a new update is available. In addition, an email notification can also be sent to inform you when a new CA ARCserve D2D update is available for downloading.

When Staging Server is selected as download server, CA ARCserve D2D downloads the available update information file from the staging server, and perform the same comparison check with the already available update information file. If the latest available update is not installed on your machine, CA ARCserve D2D will display an icon on the home page to inform you that a new update is available.

Note: All updates released for CA ARCserve D2D are cumulative. As a result, each update also includes all previously released updates to help ensure that your machine is always up-to-date. (The Help 'About' dialog displays the update level installed on a machine. If necessary, you can use this information for building another server with the same configuration/patch level).

Download Updates

CA ARCserve D2D Updates provide the capability to download available CA ARCserve D2D updates either directly from the CA Technologies server (using HTTP) or from a staging server which in turn connects to the CA Technologies server. This download process is triggered automatically when the check for updates process determines that a new update is available (unless this auto-download function is disabled). You can configure CA ARCserve D2D to download an update directly (or using a proxy server) to your client machine or to a staging server. A staging server can be used as a temporary storage location for downloading an update before it is downloaded and installed into a CA ARCserve D2D client machine. You may not want to expose your client machine to the internet to download updates from the CA Technologies server. In this case, you can first download the update to a staging server and then allow other client machines to download the update from that staging server. CA ARCserve D2D provides the capability to configure multiple staging servers for downloading the updates. If for some reason the primary staging server is unavailable, the download function will automatically transfer to the next specified staging server.

Note: If you are using a staging server for your Updates downloads, CA ARCserve D2D must be installed on that staging server, but does not need to be licensed unless you are using CA ARCserve D2D to protect that staging server.

When triggered, the Updates function contacts the CA Technologies server and download the available update and place it in a holding directory (on either the staging server or the client machine) until directed to proceed with the subsequent installation process.

The default location for the download folder is: <Product Home>\D2DUpdates.

If for some reason, the download cannot be started, a popup message is displayed and CA ARCserve D2D waits a specified number of minutes and then attempt to download again. If after a specified number of retry attempts, the download still cannot continue, an error message will be displayed in the activity log indicating the most likely reason for the failure.

Install Updates

CA ARCserve D2D Updates provide the capability to install the available and successfully downloaded updates. This install process can only be triggered manually from the user interface/tray monitor (not automatically). When triggered, the update is installed from the holding directory to the applicable CA ARCserve D2D component directory of the client machine or the staging server. You cannot trigger the installation of the update directly from a staging server to a client machine. When you click install, the update is downloaded from the staging server to the client machine (if it has not been downloaded already), and then the installation process is triggered from the client machine.

Note: The installation only continues if no other active CA ARCserve D2D jobs are running. If another job is running, a message is displayed informing you of this condition and requesting that you try again at a later time.

If the installation is successful, the file containing the status information is updated for future use.

If the installation fails, an error message is displayed indicating the most likely reason for the failure.

Note: During the update installation CA ARCserve D2D will stop the D2D Web service and will restart this web service after successful installation of update.

Email Notifications

CA ARCserve D2D Updates provide the capability to send automatic email notifications when a new update is available. CA ARCserve D2D connects to an SMTP server (with appropriate credentials) to enable sending these email notifications over the internet from CA Technologies to your server. (The email recipients are specified from the Preferences dialog).

In addition, email notifications are also sent if a failure occurs during the check for updates or during the download.

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