arcserve-KB : How to get the RSS Feeds for Unsuccessful Jobs?

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Title:  How to get the RSS Feeds for Unsuccessful Jobs?


When there is a Failed or an unsuccessful job you either expect the backup server to give a warning or a alert either in terms of a popup or an Email. This document speaks about how to get the alerts of Unsuccessful job in through RSS Feeds.


Open CA ARCserve D2D web console by using http://HostName:8014/ from the server on which you wish to subscribe the feeds.

Click on All Feeds in the D2D web console to let a window open to subscribe for the Feeds.

Click on Unsuccessful Job Feed.

Figure 1

Once you click on Unsuccessful Job Feed it will open a web browser which will allow you to Subscribe to the feeds as shown below.

Figure 2

Figure 3

Once you subscribe the feeds you can edit the settings of the feeds as per your needs by clicking on View feed properties.

Figure 4

To check the feed properties click on view feed properties which will open a properties window.

By default feeds will be update every 15 minutes however if you wish to change the time at which the update should happen you can change it either by click on Settings under Update Schedule or by selecting the Use custom schedule.

Also you can provide the User name and password for the feeds of the D2D Server of which the RSS feeds are subscribed and click on OK.

Figure 5

If there is a unsuccessful job or a failed job you can check the activity log by clicking on the Green arrow shown below.

Figure 6

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