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Title:  How to manage a remote CA ARCserve D2D backup server?


CA ARCserve D2D Home page allows to manage and view the status of all the servers where CA ARCserve D2D is installed. This document explains the procedure to manage remote CA ARCserve D2D servers. It also explains about adding and deleting remote servers manually from the server selection list.


Steps to manage a remote CA ARCserve D2D backup server

  1. Login to the CA ARCserve D2D. In CA ARCserve D2D Home page, the top right corner shows the name of the server being managed. By default it is the current server.

    Figure 1
  2. Servers will be automatically added to the Server Selection list when CA ARCserve D2D is successfully deployed to a remote server using remote deployment.
  3. To select and manage a different server, click on the Server Selection list and select the server.

    Figure 2
  4. The following confirmation warning message is seen, Click 'Yes' to switch to the other server. Click 'No' to continue managing the current server.

    Figure 3

Steps to add or delete remote servers manually

  1. To manually add or delete any remote server click on 'Manage'.
  2. This will bring up a dialog which will have the list of servers being managed from the current server. If a server needs to be removed from the list of server's, click on the 'Delete' link corresponding to the server which needs to be deleted.

    Figure 4
  3. To add a new server to the list, click on 'Add'. The 'Add host to server list' dialog opens, enter the Server Name, User Name, Password and Port. If the remote server's communication protocol is https, then select the https check box. By default this protocol will be set to http.

    Click 'OK' to continue and the new server will be added to the list.

    Figure 5
  4. Now the added remote server's name can be seen in the 'Manage the list of servers' dialog. Click on 'OK' to go back to the CA ARCserve D2D Home page.
  5. Now the added server can be seen under the Server Selection List and can be managed.

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