arcserve-KB : Steps to enable debug logging during BMR.

Last Update: 2016-04-25 12:50:33 UTC

Description:Arcserve Technical Support may require debug BMR logs to investigate the cause of BMR failures, perform the following steps to collect most comprehensive BMR logs with highest debug level.

Note: Debug needs to be enabled at the start of BMR before performing any BMR operation and debug logs should be collected before rebooting the server.

1. Adjust BMR log level to 'Show All Debug Logs' by clicking on Utilities=>activity log=>options=>troubleshooting=>Show All Debug   Logs .

2. Select 'Advanced mode' and proceed with  BMR.

3. DONOT select the checkbox 'Automatically reboot your system after recovery'.

4. When BMR is complete, before clicking the reboot button collect the debug logs as mentioned below:-

a) Collect all logs by clicking on 'Utilities=>activity log=>File=>Collect all logs'.

b) Collect activity.log by clicking on 'Utilities=>activity log=>File=>Save as'.

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