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Last Update: 2016-04-25 14:27:05 UTC
Components:CA ARCSERVE D2D: 16.0
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Step by step approach to configure cloud connection in D2D R16


This document deals with step by step approach in configuring the cloud connection in CA ARCserve D2D r16.0.

Before configuring the file copy to cloud, the connection to the cloud needs to be configured.

Step by step approach to configure cloud connection
Step 1. In CA ARCserve D2D home page, click on 'Settings' under the 'Tasks' menu.

Step 2. Click on 'File Copy Settings' tab and then click on 'Destination tab'. Select the option 'File copy to cloud' as highlighted in the figure below, then click on 'Configure'.

Step 3. The Cloud Configuration dialog opens. The default vendor type is Amazon S3. Click on 'Vendor Type' drop down menu to select a different vendor. The available options are Amazon S3, Windows Azure, Eucalyptus-Walrus.

Vendor URL - Identifies the URL address of the cloud provider.

Connection and Advanced Settings for the Vendor 'Amazon S3'.


Step 5. Advanced Settings

Add Bucket Name\Container. (For this field, Amazon S3 and Eucalyptus-Walrus use Bucket Name, and Windows Azure uses Container).

Click on the 'Add' button next to the Bucket Name drop down. In the 'Add New Bucket' dialog screen, provide a Bucket name and select the Bucket Region.

For Amazon S3, select an available region from the drop-down menu.

Click on 'OK'.

(For Windows Azure and Eucalyptus-Walrus, the region is not selectable).

Enable Reduced Redundancy Storage - For Amazon S3 only, this option lets you select to enable Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS).

Step 6. Test Connection

Click on 'Test Connection' to verify the connection to the specified cloud location.


Connection and Advanced Settings for the Vendor 'Windows Azure'.

Connection and Advanced Settings for the Vendor 'Eucalyptus-Walrus'.

Note: For Amazon S3 and Windows Azure, the Vendor URL is automatically pre-populated. For Eucalyptus-Walrus, the Vendor URL must be manually entered using the specified format.

Step 4. 
Collect the following details from the vendor and provide the same.

Connection Settings

Access Key ID/Account Name/Query ID

Identifies the user who is requesting access to this location.

(For this field, Amazon S3 uses Access Key ID, Windows Azure uses Account Name, and Eucalyptus-Walrus uses Query ID).

Secret Access Key/Secret Key

Because your Access Key is not encrypted, this Secret Access Key is a password that is used to verify the authenticity of the request to access this location.

This Secret Access Key is crucial for maintaining the security of your accounts. You should keep your keys and your account credentials in a secure location. Do not embed your Secret Access Key in a web page or other publicly accessible source code and do not transmit it over insecure channels.

(For this field, Amazon S3 uses Secret Access Key, and Windows Azure and Eucalyptus-Walrus use Secret Key).

Enable Proxy
Select 'Enable Proxy' to provide the details about the proxy server. Enter the details about the Proxy Server and the required authentication details.
(Proxy capability is not available for Eucalyptus-Walrus)

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