arcserve-KB : How to delete arcserve D2D Activity log information?

Last Update: 2016-03-25 22:06:56 UTC
Components:CA ARCSERVE D2D: 15.0, 16.0
Last Modified Date:    02/02/2012
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Title:  How to delete CA ARCserve D2D Activity log information?


The Activity Log contains comprehensive information about all the operations performed by CA ARCserve D2D. The log provides an audit trail of every job that is run (with the most recent activities listed first) and can be helpful in troubleshooting any problems that occur.

Note: This Delete Activity log task is only available from the CA ARCserve D2D UI and not from the CA ARCserve D2D Monitor.


To delete the Activity log information follow the below steps:

  1. Login to the D2D home page and select view logs. The CA ARCserve D2D Activity Log opens, displaying the following information:

    • Type of Message (Error, Warning, Information)
    • Job ID

      Note: The Job ID can be used to easily locate log entries that are related to a specific job and can be helpful when troubleshooting job-related problems.
    • Time that the message was recorded
    • Message indicating the activity performed or the problem encountered.

      Figure 1
  2. Click the Delete button to purge some or all of the log entries.

    The Delete Activity Log dialog opens.

    You can then specify to delete all log records or Delete log records older than a specific date. If you select the 'Delete log records older than' option, you can then specify from the calendar which date will be used as the older than date.

    Figure 2


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