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arcserve-KB : How to use a different certificate instead of the default certificate used by arcserve D2D?

Last Update: 2016-04-25 13:30:57 UTC


How to use a different certificate instead of the default certificate used by CA ARCserve D2D?


In java, key store is a database storing certificates and it is protected by a key store password.  JDK needs to find certificate from key store.

If you used the Keytool shipped with JDK to generate a certificate, please follow the steps mentioned below:-

1) Edit the file C:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve D2D\TOMCAT\conf\server.xml. 

2) Goto the line,

The above line would be present only when the communication protocol is https. For more information regarding changing to https protocol,
Refer the following documentation,

3) Replace the value for 'keystoreFile' with your own keystore file and 'keystorePass' with your own keystore  pass.

4) Save the file.

5) Then restart the CA ARCserve D2D Web service.

More Information:

If you get a certificate issued by third party, then you need to use keytool –import command to import that certificate into the key store and then follow steps mentioned above.

In a machine where ARCserve D2D is installed, the location for the Keytool utility is “C:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve D2D\TOMCAT\JRE\jre6\bin

For information on using the keytool utility, from the command prompt type in “keytool –help”.

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