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Last Update: 2018-06-29 09:18:53 UTC

Arcserve Replication and High Availability r16.5 on Windows
Solutions & Patches

Name Type Size Date Released Description Prerequisites
Arcserve Replication and High Availability r16.5 on Windows
RH165SP7c zio/ iso 902 MB 2018-06-29 Arcserve RHA 16.5 SP7c None
RH165SP7b zip/ iso 879 MB 2018-04-18 Arcserve RHA 16.5 SP7b None
RH165SP7a zip/ iso 932 MB 2018-01-18 Arcserve RHA 16.5 SP7a None
RH165SP6 zip N/A 2017-05-15 Arcserve RHA 16.5 SP6 None
P00000373  zip 8.9MB 2017-01-24 ACL will not be replicated during Sync under certain condition  RH165SP5
RH165SP5 N/A N/A 2015-08-03 Arcserve RHA 16.5 SP5 None
RI77847 N/A  N/A 2015-01-15 Arcserve RHA 16.5 SP4 None
RI70213 N/A N/A 2014-05-19 Arcserve RHA 16.5 SP3 None
RI69547 N/A N/A 2014-04-23 Arcserve RHA 16.5 SP2 + HEARTBLEED OPENSSL FIX None
RI62565 N/A N/A 2013-09-03 Arcserve RHA SERVICE PACK 1 IS NOW AVAILABLE None
CAZIPXP EXE 56 KB N/A CA ZIPXP utility to unzip your .CAZ file None
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