arcserve-KB : UDP || V6.5 U2 | Error while automatically upgrading UDP Agent (Linux) drivers for Ubuntu

Last Update: 2018-07-17 18:00:32 UTC
UDP 6.5 U2
RPS Server: Win 2012 R2
Linux Backup Server:
OS - 16.04.3 Kernel: 4.4.0-103-generic
Hostname: <linux backup sever>
Linux Node:
OS - 16.04.3 Kernel: 4.4.0-103-generic
Hostname: <Linux node>

The following error message occurs during the Linux Agent based backup of a Linux Node.
Error Message:
Fehler 13.12.17 10:41:45 <Linux node><linux backup sever> 30 Sichern Lokale Site Der Sicherungsjob für <Linux node> ist fehlgeschlagen.
Fehler 13.12.17 10:41:45 <Linux node><linux backup sever> 30 Sichern Lokale Site Die Ubuntu-Kernel-Version wird nicht unterstützt. Wenn der Auftragsfehler durch die Aktualisierung des Ubuntu-Betriebssystems entsteht und der Treiber nicht innerhalb von ein oder zwei Tagen verfügbar ist, kontaktieren Sie den Arcserve Support.
Fehler 13.12.17 10:41:45 <Linux node><linux backup sever> 30 Sichern Lokale Site Fehler beim automatischen Upgrade der Treiber von UDP Agent (Linux) für Ubuntu. Überprüfen Sie Netzwerkkonnektivität und Proxy-Einstellungen oder stellen Sie Treiber manuell bereit.

English (Translated):
Error while automatically upgrading UDP Agent (Linux) drivers for Ubuntu. Check network connectivity and proxy settings, or deploy drivers manually.
The Ubuntu kernel version is not supported. If the job failure is due to updating the Ubuntu operating system and the driver is not available within a day or two, contact Arcserve Support.
Initial Troubleshooting:
- Check Compatibility Matrix and confirm Ubuntu Version 16.04.3 is supported with UDP 6.5 U2
- Confirm if Ubuntu machine is 64 bit which is only supported by UDP 6.5 U2

Log analysis:
Linux Backup Server: /opt/arcserve/d2dserver/logs

[05180]2017-12-06 16:22:11, [download_file_by_curl]: Download file command: curl '' --insecure -L --max-time 120 --retry 3 -o /opt/Arcserve/d2dserver/tmp/driver_package/linux-drivers-v6.5u2.sig 2>&1
[05180]2017-12-06 16:30:18, [download_file_by_curl]: Failed to download file arcserveudp/6.5/agentlinux/ondemand.php?update=u2&file=linux-drivers-v6.5u2.sig, error: 28 % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current

Upgrade.log shows it failed to download the Driver file from the URL given in Log -

Subsequent Troubleshooting:
Try to access the above link from Linux Backup Server using the following 2 ways:

Curl “” --insecure -L --max-time 120 --retry 3

Or with the Browser Lynx: Start the Lynx and enter the Link in “URL to Open” field. (Screenshot below)


The Link will not be accessible if there is no Internet connection available for Linux Backup Server due to Proxy Settings. 

Entering the Proxy settings for Linux Backup Server under this path /opt/Arcserve/d2dserver/configfiles/auto_upgrade.cfg, will make the Link accessible and will Fix the Error during Backup as well.

PS: It is important to check the Internet Connectivity to the Linux Backup Server and the above are the steps done to determine it.
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    Adolfo Veloz

    Ihave ubuntu Server, but have no clue where that file must be onto or installed.. any tip? Thanks..

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    Adolfo Veloz

    My ubnutu server is the one I want to backup, but my Linux Backup Server Node is a SUSE 11