arcserve-KB : UDP | File Copy/Archive || File Copy Jobs To Amazon S3 Failed

Last Update: 2017-12-27 13:14:21 UTC

Release of UDP : All versions



File Copy destination is corrupted or has not been initialized, File Copy job will be failed.


Arcserve UDP Agent File copy Job to Amazon S3 failed with error below:


File Copy Log

 CloudVendorURL []
 InitCCI(C:\Program Files\CA\arcserve Unified Data Protection\Engine\\BIN)
AddCloudProvider: ProviderToken[eeedd297d237bac2dec014b5e34c6f409e4a4aa0c1ab9d1351d4006c4b9e8361]
AddCloudProvider: Error[0]
SUCCESS: AddCloudProvider, Error[0]
SUCCESS: BeginCloudSession, Error[0]
 ########## Initializing Destination Change Management #######
Checking whether Destination Changed or not
Creating CCI Destination Directory: [\\VHCPASRV1\D2DGUID]
CloudOpenFile [File:\\VHCPASRV1\D2DGUID\GUIDFILE.txt]
FAILED: Failed to Open GUID File, Error: 202
SUCCESS: InitCloudSession
Unable to get the GUID from the destination, so skipping any further processing in the Archive job. Job Failed


When we create Bucket in Amazon S3 manually, Amazon User will be assigned to Bucket with Read and Write Role however when we doing File Copy to Cloud from Arcserve UDP Agent, we configure Cloud destination using only Access Key ID and not Amazon User.


Login to Amazon S3 Console and browse Bucket

In permissions tab >> Manage Public Users >> Check option 'Any Authenticated AWS User

Provide Read & Write access to Object Access & Permission Access


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