arcserve-KB : P00001039 | 17.5 | The asbu copy to tape job format many tapes

Last Update: 2017-12-13 15:12:19 UTC

Problem Summary:

After time 2018/1/19, if copy to tape job triggered, it will run frequently after the job finished, and Tapes which are not part of save set shall be formatted.

Products Affected:
Arcserve Backup 17.5;

Product Installation Instructions:
1) stop arcserve backup web service

2) apply the fix in arcserve backup folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\ARCserve Backup

3)start arcserve backup web service

Related Fix List:
Fix (P00001039 for product: Arcserve Backup release: 17.5) is available please click here to download and apply.

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