arcserve-KB : UDP | How to end a backup job which is stuck in cancelling state on UDP Agent machine

Last Update: 2018-04-26 17:31:27 UTC
To stop the backup job in D2D\UDP Agent, you click on the job status button and the click on Cancel Job.
In some cases you will notice that backup jobs get stuck after you have cancelled the job and even after long wait it will not complete this task.
We can forcefully kill such jobs using the steps provided in this article.

AFbackend.exe is the process which runs when a job is initiated. So you will notice this when a single job is running we can get into windows task manager and kill the the instance of AFbackend.exe. 

Open Task Manager - Click on Processes Tab - Right click on AFbackend.exe process - Click on End.

Please make sure that on this Processes Tab in Task manager 'Show processes from All Users' is checked.

Note : The consequences of killing  AFbackend.exe will kill the backup job which is running. Again we need to schedule the backup job again or submit the backup job in order to continue. 
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