arcserve-KB : ASBU | Backup Server || Database engine goes to pause state

Last Update: 2017-10-24 18:49:22 UTC
Environment: Arcserve backup r16.5, / Arcserve backup r17.0 and Arcserve backup r17.5

Arcserve Backup Database engine goes to pause state. Backup jobs would fail.

If we start the Arcserve Backup Database Engine service, it would start but within few minutes it goes to pause state.

Cadblog.log would have the following error message :

******** CA DB Log ********
SQL_EXP] Clilogin: ConnectDatabase failed, errno: 4060, errtext:
[DBENG] Login to Primary to change astopology failed
[DBENG] ASDB is not running
******** CA DB Log ********

Also in the Windows event viewer under the application log we will see the following error message,

Event ID : 18456
Message : Login failed for user aaaaaa 
Reason : Failed to open the explicitly specified database 'asdb' 

This problem could be seen because the account which is configured in the Arcserve system account is not having proper permission on the Arcserve_DB database.

Using the SQL Management Studio, connect to Arcserve_DB instance. Under Security check if the arcserve system account is listed or not. If the arcserve system account is not listed then add the arcserve system account and assign the following role (Public and Sysadmin).

Start the Arcserve Backup Database Engine, it should start fine.

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