arcserve-KB : [Problem Test] Hardware snapshot Support for 3PAR managed by RMC 4.0 - certification

Last Update: 2017-09-21 11:45:06 UTC Problem Summary:
With UDP 6.5 Update1 Arcserve UDP supports Hardware snapshot for 3PAR managed by RMC 3.0. It does not support 3PAR managed by RMC 4.0. Hardware snapshot backups will fallback to Software snapshot.
There is API change from RMC 3.0 to RMC 4.0 from HP side
1. Create a agentless backup plan for VMs (whose disks are from external storage 3PAR) with Hardware snapshot enabled 2. Configure HP RMC from UDP console. 3. Run backup job for the VM 4. Backup job will fallback to Software snapshot

Products Affected:
Arcserve UDP, Affected release : 6.5 Update 1

Product Installation Instructions:
Need to make code changes according to API changes from HP

Related Fix List:
The Fix (T00000928 for product: Arcserve UDP release: 6.5 Update 1) is in progress please check back later for the fix.
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