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Last Update: 2017-06-28 16:38:04 UTC

Attention: -

Please review if your server name or domain name contains any "_" underscore character - and if so, review the related KB article . DO NOT apply the Update 1, if this effects your environment.


ØFor UDP 6.5 GA customers, they can upgrade to Update 1 by Auto-Update or Upgrading manually.
  •  By Checking Update from UDP Console, customer can click “Check for Updates” on Console Help menu, or wait for scheduled time to automatically downloadUpdate 1 which is configured at “Update Configuration” (by default, it will be Sunday 3:00 AM).
  •  By Upgrading Manually, customer can download individual packages and install.  Links are provided below:
ØFor new customers or 5.0/6.0 customers, they can install directly by using the Single Installer or install from the Remaster Build.
ØUpdate 1 Document Link
ØTo use HA integration with UDP 6.5 Update 1, recommend to use RHA 16.5 SP6 build
ØRecommend to use matched ASBU Build, R17.5 with patch P00000697
P00000697 includes fixes for License and Activation issues, please apply the patch on all Arcserve Backup components (base and agents). Arcserve Backup patch manager stops and starts all the Arcserve Backup server services while applying the patch.
Note: Before applying the patch, ensure that there is no active job running in Arcserve Backup and also close the Arcserve Backup manager.
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