arcserve-KB : UDP | Hardware Snapshot || Nimble Snapshots fail

Last Update: 2017-04-04 13:49:06 UTC

During the Hardware snapshot creation it is observed that the provider was unable to perform the request at this time. This can be a transient problem. Retry after 600 seconds. Failed to create snapshot for selected volumes.  Hardware Snapshot Failed. Falling back to Software Snapshot.'


In a environment if there is a Nimble SAN storage array running with the operating system version and in that storage array when a volume with size of 100 GB is created and configured it to be seen as a local volume to the UDP server. Its using iSCSI Protocol connection.

On the UDP server we can see the NIMBLE Storage Provider installed and  can be verified by running the following command 'VSSADMIN LIST PROVIDER'

On the UDP console under the Infrastructure the Nimble storage array is configured.

When an agent base plan is created to backup only the Nimble storage volume which is seen as local drive to the UDP server. The backup job runs and fails to perform the hardware snapshot with the above mentioned error message.


1. Check if the Nimble connection manager is to the latest version.

In this case it was found that the Nimble connection manager had the old version (i.e and now it was updated to the latest version

2. After updated the Nimble connection manager to the latest version, and performing the backup we observe that the hardware snapshot is used and the backup job completes successfully.
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