arcserve-KB : FAQ for Activation and Licensing of Arcserve UDP 6.5 / Arcserve Backup 17.5

Last Update: 2018-04-03 14:56:48 UTC
Question 01: I am an existing customer. Can I use an Arcserve License Certificate of UDP 6.0 and/or Backup 17.0 to activate directly into the latest versions, provided that it still has active maintenance ?
Answer 01: No, the activation requires a fresh License Certificate that lists the new product versions (6.5 / 17.5). If you don’t have that, please request your free-of-charge upgrade certificate here. Please fill the form and provide your original Order details and any follow-up order in the text.

Q02: In the Activation process from within the installed product it asks for an email address. What is this email used for, and does it have to be the same email address that was used for the purchase order?
A02: The email for activation can be different from the purchasing email address, for example when in a large organisation the PO is done by the procurement or financial department, but the activation of the installed product is done by the backup administrator; or in smaller environments sometimes the Partner is doing the activation and management in the name of the end user. Both is considered normal. The email address is used to send a confirmation, and the Activation will only continue once you click on the link inside the confirmation email that is sent to this address.

Q03: Where there any changes in the licensing structure or the way the licenses should commercially apply to a given environment with Arcserve UDP 6.5 and Arcserve Backup 17.5 ?
A03: No, the license structure has remained exactly as it was in the previous versions: software deployments are a source based licensing model, while the Arcserve Appliance has a target capacity but unlimited sources. The 4 UDP Editions have remained the same, too, and all existing features remain in the same Edition as they were previously. 

Q04: Do I need to activate every single Agent ?
A04: No, the activation is only done once per UDP Console (managing multiple Agents / VMs / sites), or per Arcserve Backup Primary server. All Agents and other job types will do the license management locally towards those 2 components.

Q05: Do I need to have an internet connection available on my UDP Console or on my Arcserve Backup server?
A05: No, you can also activate such systems using “offline activation”. The system will recognise this automatically and guide you through the correct steps, which involve taking a small text file to another machine with Internet access, uploading it, and retrieving a response file later that will be placed on the target UDP Console / Backup server, to complete the activation process.
Systems which activated via the online activation method will be more flexible, for example the licenses can be reallocated between different systems easily. However, they need to remain connected, otherwise the cached licenses will stop working after 14 days.

Q06: How do I activate a Trial installation ?
A06: Please simply install our product and skip / click next on any license / activation related screens. This will automatically result in a 30 day trial – and this works the same on a fresh system as well as on a system that was upgrading from a previous version – both will run 30 day fully unlimited trials after installing /upgrading respectively.

Q07: How to determine the servers to be licensed with Arcserve UDP?
A07: Only protected source servers are licensed. For virtualization hosts, the socket count in the physical hypervisor host is counted. For physical machines, only the protected source servers are licensed based on the number of CPU sockets in each protected machine.
Q08: Do the Backup Proxy, RPS, or backup target server need a license?
A08: No. The backup target, RPS or backup proxy machines involved are not licensed separately even if they have product components installed on them, as long as they are only facilitating the backup of other nodes. If however the backup server itself is required to be backed up as well, then it requires a license, just like any other protected source server.
Q09: I'm running UDP Agents inside guests (virtual machines), how can I set UDP to only count the physical sockets of the Hypervisor rather than the virtual sockets of each VM ?
A09: The UDP Console has a feature called "Specify Hypervisor", which is meant for any local on-premise hypervisor where quantity of the physical sockets across all nodes are known. This feature is one of the actions in the UDP Console's node list, and the documentation is here.
Q10: Is there also a v6.5 version of the UDP Workstation FREE Edition, and does it require any activation?
A10: The UDP Workstation FREE Edition remains available - and works the same as in previous versions. Please note that the UDP Agent for Windows of any UDP download can simply be installed on a Windows Workstation-grade system (Windows 7, 8.x or 10), and it will be allowed to run past the 30-day built-in trial period without any activation or license key, provided that it doesn’t use an RPS as the backup destination. So to qualify for the UDP Workstation FREE Edition, the destination must be a local drive or a network path. The settings of the UDP Workstation can either be managed locally, or via the UDP Console and UDP Plans. Many Workstation environments will benefit greatly from the award-winning source-based global deduplication of Arcserve UDP – for that a license will be required after 30 days, as the deduplication is done via the RPS and its data store. UDP Workstation Edition license are sold in packs, starting from 5.
Q11: Why do I have to create or manage a License Pool on the License Portal?
A11: The License Pools are used for multiple backup servers that might be sharing the same purchase order, or at least are getting managed by the same administrator. Each server gets assigned one license pool - which means it has a reserved quantity of licenses available. For customers who just manage a single backup server, they would have just one license pool and would add all of their license quantities into it, please. 
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