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Last Update: 2017-02-23 17:09:51 UTC
Arcserve Backup support to backup directly to cloud
Arcserve Backup r17.5 is enhanced to perform backups to cloud directly without need of staging device.
How to submit backup to Cloud directly
1. Create Cloud Connections and Devices (Arcserve Backup Admin guide has the process)
2. Go to backup manager and Select Backup Type as Normal under Start
3. Choose Source and schedule as Custom and Choose Cloud device under destination
4. Submit backup job

Configured Cloud details can be found under device manager

1. Only custom (Once and Repeat) backup jobs are allowed to cloud directly. Rotation and GFS Rotation jobs are not allowed as Cloud devices are not allowed in media pool.
2. Disaster Recovery is not supported from Cloud devices
3. Cloud Purge Policy is not available and hence need to go with manually purging by “Browse Cloud Folder” from device manager or from vendor portals.

How to manually Purge the data from Cloud Folder:
· From the Device Manager console, click Browse Cloud Folder from the toolbar, select a folder and right-click to delete.
· From the Restore Manager console:
1. Select from the Source tab, the Restore by Session method.
2. Select the cloud sessions you want to delete from the Sessions directory tree.
3. Right-click the sessions and click Delete selected sessions.
The sessions are removed immediately from the cloud storage.

Support Cloud Vendors:
All the vendors listed in Compatibility Matrix are supported.
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